How does the Quick Explorer tool work and what is its purpose?

How does the Quick Explorer tool work and what is its purpose?

The Quick Explorer tool allows users to directly explore credentials, careers, and interests without uploading personal information, providing the user with a more straightforward (though non-customized) alternative to the Engage My Career tool. Results provide related occupations as well as academic and non-academic credential options. The Quick Explorer offers guidance to users who are searching for pathways related to a specific credential, career area (military or civilian), or based upon their general interests. It provides more general information about different work areas users may not have considered or were not aware existed. It also allows users to search for pathways that may be unrelated to their experience, training, or education and provides guidance on how to pursue those pathways.

Career pathways can be explored based on:

  • Military Occupation:  Explore pathways based solely on a specific military occupation. Pathways include academic and non-academic credential options, cross-rate opportunities, and post-service occupation and career options.
  • CSWF Work Roles:  Explore Cyberspace Information Technology / Cybersecurity Workforce (Cyber IT/CSWF) work roles in which you are interested and determine the qualification requirements for Defense Cyber Workforce (DCWF) roles.
  • Credentials:  Explore career pathways for selected academic and non-academic credentials (including certifications, licenses, and United Services Military Apprenticeship Programs) that you currently hold or are considering.
  • Career Goals:  Explore career pathways based on specific career areas you would like to pursue using a keyword, industry, job pathway, family, or cluster search capabilities.
  • Interests:  Leverage the Affinity Profiler by exploring your interests. Results are based on your work style and preference for different work activities.

To see results tailored to your unique training and experience, try Engage My Career for a more customized experience.

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