Why do I see “Results pending additional Service data”?

Why do I see “Results pending additional Service data”?

Results for many sections of the MilGears site are based on analysis completed to support each service specific Credentialing Opportunities On-Line (COOL) site.  Users in occupations that are not supported by the COOL program will see limited results, particularly when using the Quick Explorer tool.  In this case you will see this message:

To see additional results and opportunities based on your full military service history, please use the Engage My Career tool, where you can add Civilian Occupation History, additional Military Occupations you may have held, as well as Military Training Courses, Civilian Employment history, Post-secondary Education, Certifications, Licenses, and Apprenticeships.  Adding additional items to your MilGears session will enhance your service history to include results based on these additional considerations.

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