How does the Cyber IT/CSWF tool work and what is its purpose?

How does the Cyber IT/CSWF tool work and what is its purpose?

The Cyberspace Information Technology (Cyber IT)/Cybersecurity Workforce (CSWF) tool is based on the qualification matrices found on Navy COOL, which were developed to ensure that Sailors working in Cyber IT and Cybersecurity meet defined qualification requirements to serve in those roles.

The Department of the Navy (DON) model is consistent with the Department of Defense (DOD) Cyber Workforce Framework (DCWF), both based on cybersecurity work roles outlined in the National Institute of Standard and Technology (NIST) National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education (NICE) framework. The NICE framework is a result of a partnership between government, academic institutions, and the private sector working to develop a common language to describe cybersecurity work no matter where the work is performed.

As with the Engage My Career tool, use the Cyber IT/CSWF tool to input your unique credentials and see how your information compares with Cyber IT/CSWF roles and their required qualifications. Simply upload your documents, update missing information, and review your personalized outcomes.

To start using the tool, select New if you have never used the tool before or if you do not have a saved MilGears document from a previous session to upload.

Select Role Path:

  • Select I already serve in a work role if you currently serve in a Cyberspace Information Technology (Cyber IT)/Cybersecurity (CSWF) work role. This path shows you how you may potentially advance to the next level of proficiency or for which other roles you may qualify.
  • Select I do not currently serve in a work role if you would like to see what Cyber IT/CSWF work roles you may qualify for based on your current education, military training, and credentials, as well as how to fill any gaps for any roles that may be of interest to you.

Once you select an option, you may upload a service record or session file. A service record will partially fill in portions of the tool for you, while a session file will allow you to pick up where you left off the last time you were in the tool. You can use a session file you created in the Engage My Career or Mil-2-Mariner tool and relevant information will be autofilled.

When you click into the results view, you will see all the Cyberspace Information Technology (Cyber IT)/Cybersecurity (CSWF) categories available. By clicking on any of them, you open an expanded view of work roles within each category, qualifications required for these roles and how closely your credentials align with these requirements.

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