Where can I download my Sea Service Letter?

Where can I download my Sea Service Letter?

In the Military-2-Mariner Tool the "Sea Service Letter" can be downloaded on the last three pages of the tool using the button at the top right side of "Download Sea Service Letter" information section. 

sea service letter

Included pages are: 

  1. Review Calculation Summary
  2. Mariner Preliminary Results
  3. National Maritime Center Application Assist

The Sea Service Letter download button allows you to download a draft copy of your Sea Service Letter as an MS Word document. The information on the Sea Service Letter is based on the information added in your MilGears session and should be reviewed for accuracy. Once you have reviewed the information, you will need to add your Service specific letter head, and have your command sign the letter prior to adding it to your Merchant Mariner credential application.

Note:  This is estimated based on information from your records if uploaded, or the sea service time you have added manually while completing the Mil-2-Mariner tool.  Any sea service time should be verified for accuracy before submitting to your command for signature or submitting a packet to the National Maritime Center.

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